• Diamond is made with 99.95% of a single element: carbon

  • Graphite shares the same unique feature with Diamond but their formation and crystal arrangement are very different. As a result although chemically the same, graphite is so soft it is use for writing, and diamond is the hardest of gems. Only a diamond can scratch another diamond


  • Diamonds come in many different colours. The largest number comes in the range of colorless to brown but the rarest are in fancy colours.

  • Most valuable hues are pink, blue and green. The strongest and more vivid colours commend higher prices. 

Modern Birthstones lists

  • Marks the 60th and 75th wedding anniversaries

  • Modern birthstone for the month of April, the zodiac sign Aries and the Chinese year of the dog








  • crushed

Therapeutic applications

Famous Diamonds


Lucifer Magazine

HP Blavatsky Vol7 - Septembre 1890

The Diamond first shines forth. It was held in peculiar veneration by the ancient Romans: fastened on the left arm it banished all nocturnal terrors and was a safeguard against insanity. Moreover, it was held to possess the power of counteracting the effects of poisons and detecting their presence by becoming dim and moist. This belief continued to a late period, but diamonds (probably pulverised) are enumerated as being among the poisons administered to the unfortunate Sir Thomas Overbury by the infamous Earl and Countess of Somerset. A quaint old writer says: “He who carries the diamond upon him, it gives him hardihood and manhood and keeps his limbs whole. It gives him victory over his enemies if his cause be just: keeps his wit good, preserves him from sorrow and strife and the illusions of wicked spirits.” But the diamond must be given freely, “without coveting or buying”, in order to possess these virtues in their full force: furthermore, it loses its talismanic power by reason of the sins of him who bears it. More than one famous diamond has been regarded as the guardian of the ruler of that country to which it belonged; and the Koh-i-noor now in the possession of the English Government is looked upon in this manner by the natives of India, who see in its transfer the downfall of their ancient monarchy. The diamond is under the influence of Mars, and should, correctly speaking, be set in fine steel, iron being the metal of that planet.

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