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  • Rubies can command the highest per-carat price of any coloured stone. This makes ruby one of the most important gems in the coloured stone market. In its purest form, the mineral corundum is colourless. Trace elements that become part of the mineral’s crystal structure cause variations in its colour. Chromium is the trace element that causes ruby’s red colour.


  • The finest ruby has a pure, vibrant red to slightly purplish red colour. As the colour becomes too orangey or more purplish, the ruby moves down the quality scale. The highest-quality rubies have vivid colour saturation.

  •  If the colour is too dark it has a negative effect on the stone’s brightness. At the other extreme, if the colour is too light, the stone is considered pink sapphire

Modern Birthstones lists

  • Marks the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries

  • Modern birthstone for the month of July, the zodiac sign Cancer and the Chinese year of the Pig














  • A ruby, crushed and mixed into a drink

  • A ruby worn as an amulet

Therapeutic applications

Famous Rubies

Black Prince

Black Prince

The 170cts Black Prince Ruby is in fact, a large, irregular cabochon red spinel set in the cross above the Cullinan II at the front of the Imperial State Crown of England. The spinel is one of the oldest parts of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom, with a history dating back to the middle of the 14th century. It has been in the possession of England's rulers since it was given in 1367 to its namesake, Edward of Woodstock, The Black Prince.

Sunrise Ruby

Sunrise Ruby

A 25.59cts, Burmese "pigeon blood" ruby mounted by Cartier and set between heptagon-shaped diamonds. Among the rarest of all gemstones, the Swiss Gemological Institute described it as "a unique treasure of nature" with "well-proportioned cut, highly attractive colour and fine purity". By Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use,

Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell is the largest mined ruby in the world, found in east Africa in the 1950s. It weighs four pounds, is eight and a half thousand carats, and is sculpted into a miniature form of the Liberty Bell. It has fifty diamonds set in it and is valued at two million dollars. The ruby was created in 1976. Held on behalf of a foundation at a jewelry store in Delaware, it was stolen in a heist on November 1, 2011. Arrests has been made but the ruby was never recovered

Rosser Reeves

Rosser Reeves

With its rich red color and well-defined star, the 138.72ct Rosser Reeves Star Ruby might be the largest and finest star ruby in the world.The Rosser Reeves Star Ruby is from Sri Lanka, but its early history is not known. When purchased in London in the late '50s, the ruby weighed 140cts, and was subsequently recut to center the star. Rosser Reeves, carried it around as a lucky stone photo : Chip Clark, Smithsonian Institute

Carmen Lucia ruby

Carmen Lucia ruby

The Carmen Lúcia, 23.10cts, is the largest faceted is one of the finest large, faceted Burmese rubies known. This natural ruby combines outstanding characteristics: large size, richly saturated homogenous red color, exceptional degree of transparency. Mined from the fabled Mogok region of Burma in the 1930s, It is mounted in a platinum ring with 2 triangular-cut diamonds totaling 2.38 carats. Photo : Chip Clark, Smithsonian Institute


Lucifer Magazine

HP Blavatsky Vol7 - Septembre 1890

Tht Ruby, when bruised in water, relieved weakness of the eyes and helped disordered livers : if the four comers of a room, house or garden, were touched with it they would be preserved from lightning, tempests, or worms : it dispersed foul air and kept lovers' {aith unbroken, and when worn it was impossible to hide it, as it would show through the thickest covering.

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