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The Lapidary

Lapidaries are book used in the middle ages to describe the medicinal virtues and the therapeutic applications of gemstones.

The documentation of healing and protective values and powers of precious and semi precious stones dates back to ancient Mesopotania. Most texts which survived are from the medieval period and can be seen as pre modern manuals of mineralogy and associated medicinal benefits. Medieval lapidaries listed the medicinal properties of a gem and the most common methods of applications : like wearing the stone in contact with the skin, ointments made from ground stones.

Presented in a concertina fold format, this artist book fusions traditional and contemporary moods. Crafted with materials and techniques used by medieval scribes it is entirely hand painted and written on vellum and is illuminated with real gold. Its covers, made of perspex, a new, transparent material bring a minimalist modern touch. The diamonds accents support the sense of refinement that one usually associates with illuminated manuscripts and gemstones.

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